Hydrogel SpaceOAR

Rectal Protection for Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy Patients


Prostate cancer treatment involves delivering a dose of radiation to the prostate that will destroy the tumor cells, but not adversely affect the patient. The newly FDA approved Hydrogel SpaceOAR is a semi-solid natural substance that is used to decrease toxicity from radiation beams to the nearby rectum. The absorbable gel is injected by a syringe between the prostate and the rectum. It pushes the rectum out of the way while treating the prostate. As a result, there is much less radiation inadvertently administered to the rectum. This can significantly improve a patient’s daily quality of life — bowel function is much less likely to be affected by scar tissue or ulceration.

Princeton Radiation Oncology is the first radiation oncology center in New Jersey to offer Hydrogel

Hydrogel SpaceOAR provides a protective barrier between the prostate and the rectum to keep radiation away from sensitive rectal tissue and protect it from damage.

Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced precision and safety
  • Decreased radiation dose to healthy issue
  • Decreased side effects and complications

Hydrogel SpaceOAR Patient Testimonial